Africa Speaks

Africa Speaks

#AfricaVoices#AfricaDialogues. Africa Voices Dialogue Series with Dr Robyn Whittaker, Kaleidoscope Lights South Africa and Dr Abdelaziz Zohri, ENCG Settat Morocco

“When our education systems are able to see their own potential; realising that the key to find their own answers is the trust in the human potential, recognising that all is within and co-created, then, everything changes.” – Karima Kadaoui, Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, Social Innovation Platform, Morocco

The inaugural event of the Africa Voices Dialogue Series took place on the 5 September 2020, bringing into being a long held vision of a widespread community of educators across Africa together co-creating a space to listen to the stories, experiences and learnings of those educating on the ground, and in the reality of their schools, across the continent.


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