I am passionate about understanding and enabling the environments within which deep collaboration and the development of functional impact eco-systems can take place. The key personal strengths that I bring to this work are : Connectedness; Strategic Mindset ; Input (the ability to collate information from diverse sources; a commitment to Development – particularly human development; Intellection; Empathy as well as a Learning Mindset combined with an ability to Ideate. These core strategic and development orientated strengths are complemented by the activation skills of Maximiser (optimisation of outcomes) and Achiever (commitment to productivity and excellence) strengths.

Following 17 years in practice as a family doctor, I left the medical profession in order to pursue a long-standing interest in education and community cohesion, and the role which community leaders play in enabling positive growth and societal wellbeing.

From 2016 to mid 2020, I held the role of Stakeholder Engagement Lead for Symphonia for South Africa and its flagship programme, Partners for Possibility. In this role, I assisted in bringing together business leaders, school principals and specialist and community resources to create powerful change in under-resourced schools. Through Symphonia for SA, I experienced the power that comes from equipping leaders across multiple sectors with transformational leadership skills.

Building on these experiences,  I am seeking to develop and deepen my understanding of how deep collaboration can be fostered, and how functional impact ecosystems come into being, in order to enable dramatic shifts in society’s wellbeing. I have a deep belief in the connectedness of all our systems, as well as our personal need for connection, and am continually seeking ways to shift our societal mindset towards the System 4.0 Ecosystemic Approach – recognising that this is a fear inducing and difficult shift for many to make.  The enhancement of our collective ability to reduce fear, increase understanding, create spaces of relationship, belonging and trust, and facilitate connection and the powerful emotional and functional benefits that this brings is core to how I want to conduct myself personally and professionally  .